Barcelona Yearly Weather Summary

Barcelona has a Mediterranean climate of hot summers and mild winters. During summer that is in July and August the temperature can rise up to 28°C. However, low humidity and a steady breeze help to keep the temperature comfortable. September is the wettest month in the year. However, the rainfall is usually heavy and brief. In October the temperature falls to 21°C. November is much cooler, but still mild in the days with temperature between 8°C and 17°C. The temperature falls to its lowest in December at 13°C. From March till May, it is almost as wet as autumn, but increasingly warm and sunny and the temperature ranges from 16°C to 20°C.

During summer, June to September, Barcelona is a wonderful place to visit. The average temperature remains 28°C to 20°. Steady gentle wind and low humidity make the temperature more comfortable during night. The highest temperature ever recorded is 38.6°C. The region receives almost nine to ten hours of sunshine each day during June to August while in September it stays at seven. For the beach lover the sea temperature is quite warm and good for swimming, it stands at 25°C in August. Downpour is rare at the beginning of the summer but as the season progresses and the heat climbs, thunderstorms become relatively common.

Because of rainfall, temperature falls in Barcelona during autumn. Autumn begins here in October and lasts until November. The weather becomes wet due to frequent rains. Fog often comes in form the sea and the nights experience 12°C, which is quite cold. However, situation becomes worsen in November for the tourists who are not habituated with nippy temperature. During this month, temperature may stay at 8°C.

In winter, Barcelona is on average cold, for the temperature gets down to 4°C. From December till February the winter lasts there. Each day the region receives around four hours of sunshine. Snow and rainfall can be fall in moderate levels in January. However, whenever sun appears and stays out for a few days the temperature increases dramatically.

Spring in Barcelona comes as the consequent of winter, from March until May. The temperature may climb in March 17°C in April and 20°C in May, which brings a more relaxed weather for the tourists. In May, the sun stays for long time and shines Barcelona from more than eight ours each day. Night times remain cool and hardly rise above 10°C.