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Specialist Short Courses

One Day Shorebased Theory Courses with Barcelona Watersports

If you are planning your Dayskipper or even your Yachtmaster it is important to arm yourself with as many skills as possible. From First Aid and the Radio SRC course to the intense Yachtmaster theory, our shore-based courses are a great way to gain new skills or qualifications. As well as preventing minor mishaps from turning into major ones, they could open up new career options, or let you plan some more ambitious sailing voyages.

The RYA theory courses we run are designed to complement the practical sailing courses. The shorter courses cover subjects that are important to give students a rounded knowledge and when embarking upon your Yachtmaster theory, it is an essential part of the qualification and many of the shorter courses are also a requirement. We run the short courses from Port Vell and the PPR and Radio SRC courses can be competed online with our assistance.

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